Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Can I buy BelleDerm Skincare online?
A. No, BelleDerm Skincare products are not sold through ANY direct to consumer channel. They are sold exclusively through skincare professionals. Your physician, nurse, or aesthetician will suggest the products which will best suit your needs.  If you are interested in purchasing product, please visit our Find BD Skincare page here.

Q. What if I have multiple skin issues? Can BelleDerm Skincare products be mixed and matched within the line?
A. Absolutely! BelleDerm Skincare products are very versatile and customizable. Your BelleDerm Skincare Professional will know exactly which products to use together so that you can get the best skincare solutions possible.

Q. Why is BelleDerm Skincare sold exclusively through skincare professionals?A. BelleDerm Skincare is committed to providing superior skincare that is used to complement procedures performed in a skincare professional’s office. We believe that professional only products should be distributed by the person who knows your skin best—your doctor, nurse, or aesthetician.

Q. What in-office procedures and professional products are available through BelleDerm Skincare.
A. BelleDerm Skincare offers a full range of non-buffered chemical peels. We strive to ensure that our peels are in their purest form and the solution has not been compromised by any “filler” ingredients. This allows the skincare professionals to perform medical grade chemical peels with the knowledge and assurance that they have full control over the depth of the peel. We also carry a full line of professional back bar products for skin prep and post treatment care.

Q. How do I know BelleDerm Skincare products are safe to use while undergoing treatment?
A. Our products are designed to compliment in-office procedures. Only the highest quality ingredients are used by our chemists to ensure our customers are using the best clinical strength products available. We have created our products to be results-driven and deliver the ingredients where they’re needed the most without harming the skin’s natural structure. BelleDerm Skincare physicians receive a wealth of knowledge and additional training in order to provide the best possible results with our products. Patients can have peace of mind, knowing that the products they are using and they way they are using them will only benefit their skin and optimize the results of the treatments received at the physician’s office.

Q. What skin types would benefit from BelleDerm Skincare products?
A. All of them. BelleDerm Skincare offers a wide range of products that can be customized to suit any skin type. BelleDerm Skincare professionals  are given extensive training to assist in choosing the right skin regimen for their patients. We believe that every skin type is unique and each persons skin care routine should be as well.